Digital Project Management

Need to get from here to there? We’ll road map it and own it.

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No Cookie-Cutter Solutions

We’ll evaluate your specific needs and develop a plan to better position your business in the market.

What's Your Problem?

We're problem solvers. So, what's yours? We differentiate ourselves by not being tied to a specific service line, and being able to develop custom strategies to address your pain points. This could include, but is not limited to:

Website Analytics Development

Website Build

Custom Software Integrations

Video Production

Web or Ad Design

Brand Refresh

Organic Social Page Development

We have a network of experts to help you, and will completely own the project from start to finish.

Time is Money

Time is a valuable commodity. Upgrading your business's infrastructure is necessary but major projects can end up costly when time and bandwidth are at a premium. Let Rock House take ownership and streamline, expediting your path to improvement.

Short Term Expense, Long Term Results

Our projects are a short-term commitment, but can position you for long-term growth. We'll recommend what needs to be done to improve standing in the digital world, then map out a path to achieve it.

One-Stop Shop

Our in-house skills and network of talented designers, video producers, and web developers can provide all the firepower you need for a brand-building or efficiency-boosting project, making a substantial impact on your potential for success.

Measurement & Analytics

We can assess your measurement needs and create a streamlined process for you and your team to gain valuable insights that will be critical to marketing and operational decision-making. This ranges from a simple Google Analytics setup to sophisticated Offline Conversion Tracking, which enables us to feed data back to ad platforms based on lead quality. Game-changer for growth!

Creative Development

You only get one chance to make a first impression. When you show a user an ad or welcome them to your website, the quality of the experience will have an impact on how they perceive your brand. There are a wide range of possibilities here. We have a network of talented experts to help with everything from website development, to brand refresh, to creative design. Let Rock House facilitate the design project to reach the end result.

Video Production

Video assets are critical in today's marketing landscape, appearing on nearly every website and ad platform. High-quality video assets can set you apart from your competitors and escalate your brand's perception to the next level. Work with Rock House to develop and produce video content in whatever format is needed, including special effects and animation!

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