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There is No Shortcut to Paid Search Success

Paid search, or Google Ads, has perhaps the broadest range of outcomes of any paid digital channel. A well-planned and skillfully executed campaign can achieve its intended result: cost-effective exposure to users who are in the market for your services, leading to high-quality leads and a positive return on investment.  

However, a poorly structured campaign lacking key details in its setup can yield absolutely no exposure to your target audience, even at a massive expense.


A common theme in our approach is that there are so many variables involved in each campaign’s development that there is no possible way to shortcut your way to success.


Bidding strategies, match types, optimization tactics, etc. A complete understanding of how these details work together is necessary to run an effective campaign.

Measure & Optimize

Often businesses run paid search campaigns without a measurement strategy, and as a result they have no idea if they are effective or a drag on their bottom line.

Efficiency is Key

Our goal is to create a sustainable campaign for our partners, which means being as efficient as possible. Often this means a conservative approach during the launch phase while data is gathered, in preparation for a more aggressive approach once a path to success is determined.

Our unique structure is designed to allow for a high-intensity approach to campaign management, identifying inefficiencies and eliminating them before they're impactful.

At Rock House we pride ourselves in the ability to strategize, execute and optimize campaigns to minimize risk and maximize return.

Advanced Lead Tracking

If you’ve run campaigns on Google there is a very good chance you’ve generated low-quality leads. These often come from inauthentic traffic and are not only annoying, but can be disastrous if using a conversion-focused bidding strategy that sees these leads as good and optimizes towards them.

At Rock House, we use strive to all quality-control tools available like Offline Conversion Tracking (OCT) and Call Recording with Conversational AI Intelligence. This steers your campaign towards authentic, high-quality leads and away from the junk.

Proactive & Responsive

The Google Ads landscape is constantly changing. Historically it has been considered a strategy to reach only a high-intent audience ready to buy. However, through manipulation of keywords, match types, ad text, bidding strategies and more, it is possible to reach users at all stages of the decision-making process. In some cases, it’s vital.

Rock House will evaluate your industry and develop a strategy for sustainable success.

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