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The Rock House Advantage

Your business needs a logical strategy, focused execution, and reliable measurement at a good value.

Get What You Pay For

Traditional agencies have all the resources.  Loads of data, dozens of high-level executives, numerous successful case studies and fancy sales presentations to show you why they’re the right fit.  There are some businesses for which this is the perfect partnership.  But ask yourself - which of these bells and whistles, that I’d be paying for, is actually going to help ME?

Rock House trims the fat, focusing on what's most important and delivering more of your budget towards actual media.

Logical Strategy

There are two main factors in our recommended strategies. Your goals, and our experience in generating similar results. There are no outside factors influencing these critical decisions.

Logic and Data win.

Focused Execution

When determining campaign structure we think several steps ahead. This helps us gain the most meaningful data quickly, and puts us in a great position to scale up or change course as needed.

Exceptional Value

We say it again and again. Modest scale means exceptional value. High level talent and expertise at a low cost. Let us show you.

Your Success is Our Success

We built our structure specifically to eliminate all conflicts of interest between us and our partners. We are partner-focused and authentic. When our partners succeed, we all win.

Flexible & Tiered Rate Structure

We're committed to putting more of our partners' budget towards actual media, which provides us all the best chance at sustained success. Our modest scale and minimal overhead ensures our rates will be better than a traditional agency in virtually every scenario.

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