Rock House Vs In‑House

If you’re running your business you can’t afford to be also running your marketing
Let’s do this!

Rock House Advantage

We leverage experience, apply expertise and clearly communicate the impact of your investment while freeing up your staff to do their jobs effectively.

Easy to Do, Hard to Do Well

Sometimes business owners run Google and Social campaigns themselves. Other times they find someone on their staff and appoint them to run paid ad campaigns. 

Have you ever heard someone say they know "just enough to be dangerous?" This is paid digital marketing.

Running a campaign is easy. The ad platforms depend on it. Running a good one though, takes tremendous expertise and attention to detail.

Extensive Expertise

Our exposure to the overall landscape and trends across many campaigns allow us to more quickly determine next steps to achieve goals.

Isolated Objectives

We have one primary focus, meeting our partners' goals, and are willing to dig into the deepest of details on their behalf.

Measurement Strategies

We make sure all available measurement strategies are addressed prior to launching, ensuring an accurate understanding of the campaign’s impact.


Business owners or employees running campaigns are often spread too thin. As a result, the paid marketing investment doesn't deliver its intended result.

Measurement capability is limited due to lack of expertise.

Critical details go unnoticed, leading to wasted budget.

Gain peace of mind with Rock House.

Been There, Done That

An in-house campaign manager will lack campaign exposure and experience. Knowledge gaps severely limit a campaign's potential and open it up to a never-ending learning period in which optimal results are not reached. The ad environment is always changing, creating a moving target which increases the need for maximum attention to the campaign and overall landscape.

Use Rock House. Reach Your Goals.

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