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Focused Objective, Cost Effective

Utilize the Google Suite to its full potential with our strategic approach and execution.

YouTube & The Google Display Network

Unlike Google Search, where sales and leads are most often top objectives, video and display ads can be much more diverse in their goals.

Impressions, video views, and the costs associated with them can be just as important as clicks and website traffic when the goal is to gain brand awareness. These strategies can also be used to re-target users who’ve visited your website or even retarget users from an offline customer or lead list.

Let Rock House help determine how they fit into your overall marketing objectives.

Display Network

Make an Impression. Use the display network to brand your business or retarget engagers across reputable sites.


Leverage premium video content to reach users in your target demographic, who are searching specific keywords, or users who have already engaged with your business.

Performance Max & Demand Gen

Google strategies that serve ads in a variety of placements optimizing towards a selected objective.

Set Realistic Expectations

Many campaigns fail before they are even set live. 

When setting up campaigns Google allows the selection of an objective - sales, leads, in-store traffic, video views or brand exposure.  However, just because these options are available doesn’t mean they’re realistic.  Display and video ads are not likely to generate leads or sales unless they’re served to a very warm audience or at a massive scale. 

Rock House will assess our partner’s goals and budget and determine how the Google Network fits into their holistic marketing campaign.

Easy to Do, Difficult to Do Well

Google Network campaigns are relatively easy to set up and launch. The ad platforms depend on this accessibility to maximize revenue. However, one must know the nuances of the platform to protect against budget being wasted on users who are not likely to become customers.

Advanced geographical targeting options, device bidding adjustments, negative keywords, brand negations, and content filters can be huge influences on a campaign’s success.

At Rock House we address these and other nuances from the start to minimize wasted spend.

Measure More, Waste Less

So, we’ve identified a Google Network strategy and budget that fits within your overall campaign. Rock House will develop a plan to measure the results to be sure the performance aligns with our partner’s objectives. So often we’ve seen in-house campaigns set up towards an objective that’s not being measured properly, taking away Google’s ability to learn and improve.

Rock House will take ownership of this optimization setup, simplifying the process for our partners.

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