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Build a Connection

Nothing connects a business to its target audience like social media.

What's the Objective?

An objective must be clearly-defined to plan an effective social ad campaign.


Website Traffic? 

Lead Volume? 

Lead Quality? 


Audience Development

Gain brand exposure using a variety of cold audience targeting methods, identifying which is most effective.

Measure and Improve

Observe performance through on-platform engagement and website analytics to build a consistent upward trajectory.

Re-Engage and Convert

Build trust and loyalty with a consistent flow of authentic content to the most engaged users. Transform engagement into growth.

Customized Solutions

Every business has a unique infrastructure, position in the marketplace, and set of goals. These are key factors in determining the right paid social strategy. When executed properly, social ads can be a key contributor to brand building, or even a primary driver of leads and sales.

Rock House thoughtfully develops and executes customized, efficient social solutions.

A Holistic Approach

Surface-level metrics, often focused on too heavily, are only the tip of the iceberg. One must connect all the dots to gain a true picture of a social campaign’s effectiveness. Cost of delivery, level of engagement, frequency, site traffic quality, lead conversion rate all need to be measured against your business objective to gain a measure of success.

Rock House keeps tabs on the most important metrics and helps its partners make sense of them.

Convey Authenticity

Users engaging in social content are drawn to authenticity. The prevalence of ads in social feeds has created a general numbness to salesy messaging. A successful paid social ads campaign is often spawned from a business's organic social strategy, where authenticity lives.

At Rock House we dig deep into a brand’s identity to develop a messaging tone and cadence that will resonate.

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